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Translation Services.


We translate from and into all major world languages in a variety of subjects, including legal, medical, technical, financial, etc. We take care of all your translation needs, from short personal documents to multi-volume literary works.


Certified translations are available


Every document translated by LMLS goes through a rigorous multi-step process. Our clients are secure in the knowledge that this process is carefully managed by their personal Project Manager.


The Project Manager selects a team of language professionals uniquely qualified to work on each project. Following that, the Project Manager ensures that documents are prepared, translated, edited, proofread and formatted according to the agency’s strict guidelines.


Finally, the Project Manager takes translated documents through an extensive quality assurance checklist, including page by page manual verification.


As a result, our clients receive much more than accurate and timely translations. They receive accurate and timely translations that are consistent in style and terminology with all their previously-done work.


 Contact us today to receive estimates for your project.

 LM language Services, offering the best interpreter and translator service for our clients.
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