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. Interpreting Services


Do you need an interpreter for a deposition, trial, presentation, meeting, conference or a tour? LMLS offers interpreting support for all your needs.

Unlike with translation, interpreting – consecutive (depositions, small conferences or escort) or simultaneous (conferences, events) – gives no opportunity for editing or revisions. It’s all done in real time. Mistakes are magnified and are impossible to edit out, delete or otherwise correct.

The only way to avoid a disaster is to select top-of-the-line interpreters with:


-Years of interpreting experience

-In-depth knowledge of the subject matter

-Ability to instantly assess all available choices and make a culturally and contextually appropriate


That’s why we place special care in carefully evaluating and selecting interpreters to fit the unique needs of each client by language combination, industry, type and size of venue, etc.


We guarantee that our simultaneous and consecutive interpreters are proficient in requested language combination and possess adequate educational background, professional experience, and, if required, appropriate certifications and licenses.


LMLS provides escort interpretation services and equipment with on-site technical support for the duration of your event. Also, LMLS can provide you with all your equipment needs such as full booths, table top booths, portable equipment as well as a technician during the entire duration of the event. In this way LMLS guarantees that your event will be a success!


If you are an event planner or coordinator, a legal or medical professional, a corporate host or a government agency, contact us with all your multilingual interpreting requests.

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